DevOpsChat with the creators of a DevOps Maturity Assessment Tool

We are delighted that for this one-off special DevOpsChat we will be joined by the five members of the core team who have developed a free and open-source DevOps Maturity Assessment tool. We are looking forward to a great discussion about how such a tool can help you understand your team’s current ways of working and help you take the next steps on your DevOps journey.

Chris Baynham-Hughes is the Head of UK Business Development RedHat Emerging Technologies & DevOps at Atos. He is a regular speaker and blogger on DevOps topics. When he is not having DevOps adventures, he can often be found running/swimming my way around mountain landscapes. In fact that’s what he’ll be doing in the week before this chat:Â check it out here!

David Daly is the Global Deal Assurance Manager at Worldline where he also leads the DevOps community of practice. He is a Fellow of the British Computing Society, a Chartered IT Professional, and just happens to have been the founder and host of #DevOpsChat. He has authored papers on Enterprise DevOps and Digital Transformation.

John Chatterton is an Enterprise Architect with a broad experience of different infrastructure and application environments, ranging from legacy through to cutting-edge cloud-based approaches.

Panagiotis Tamtamis is a senior software engineer at Atos where he specialises in embedded/telephony applications and has been pioneering the use of DevOps practices in that context.

Dan Usher is currently Head of Digital Self Service at Worldline UK&I. With a background in project management and consulting, at Worldline UK&I he has played a critical role in their transformation to more agile ways of working. He is especially fascinated by how organisation culture can enable a DevOps approach.

Video Interview

In this video the 5 members of the core team who have created the DevOps Maturity Assessment tool. In it they discuss:

  • What led them to create the tool
  • Some of the lessons and insights they gained from constructing the tool
  • Some of the early reactions and feedback from people who have used the tool

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