DevOpsChat Special Guest: Larry Maccherone

Larry Maccherone is back by popular demand! During his previous #DevOpsChat about DevSecOps he touched on previous work he had conducted where he used data from over 1000 Agile projects to confirm or disprove Agile folklore. Many people were so interested in this topic that we have, as promised, invited Larry back for a DevOpsChat dedicated to this subject. You can see the questions for this DevOpsChat at the bottom of this page.

Larry has a background in big data, statistical analysis and cyber security and is a keen evangelist of of Agile and DevOps. More recently his focus has been on how security can become an integral part of software development, deployment and operation rather than a “bolt-on”. This has led to the coining of the term DevSecOps and his recent blog post about The DevSecOps Manifesto.

Video Interview

A conversation with Larry Maccherone about his statistical research into what affects the performance of Agile teams, including:

  • Health warnings about how to interpret the conclusions
  • Which Agile  practices have the biggest positive impact on performance
  • Which Agile  practices have little impact (or even a negative impact) on performance
  • The impact of diversity and the importance of social safety considerations


Questions for this DevOpsChat

  1. In your opinion, how can you measure the “performance” of a DevOps team?
  2. Are their certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can tell you how mature a team’s DevOps adoption is?
  3. Do you think there are any popular KPIs that don’t really tell you much about how well a team is performing?
  4. What do you think the impact can be of measuring and tracking specific KPIs?
  5. What do you think would be the best leading KPI for DevOps?
  6. What do you think would be the best lagging KPI for DevOps?

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