DevOpsChat Special Guest: Stephen Thair

We are delighted that Stephen Thair will be joining us for this DevOpsChat to discuss the role of DevOps in digital transformation. You can see the questions for this chat at the bottom of this page.

Stephen co-founded DevOpsGuys in 2013, after a 20+ year career in IT infrastructure and operations, to help organisations simplify the management of their
online applications by leveraging DevOps practices to improve the delivery, performance and time-to-market of the entire software development pipeline. He blogs
extensively about DevOps at and has presented at numerous meetups, webinars and conference to evangelise the benefits of DevOps. You can see some of those presentation on Slideshare here:

He also started the London Web Performance meetup and launched WebPerfDays London in conjunction with VelocityConf to help speed up the web. He has been on the organising committee for the Web Performance track for Velocity EU for the past 3 years and has presented at VelocityConf on web performance. In 2014 he co-founded the WinOps – DevOps on Windows conference in London and in 2016 he was appointed to a 2 year term as a Microsoft Regional Director, one of a select group of 150 senior technologist worldwide who are expert advocates that promote Microsoft products, services, and solutions by sharing their deep knowledge with groups such as customers, the press and industry analysts.

Video Interview

In this video Stephen Thair shared with us his views on the role of DevOps in digital transformation, including:

  • The need for digital transformation
  • Some of the cultural challenges of digital transformation and approaches to tackling them
  • How DevOps supports and enables a digital transformation
  • The trade-off between flexibility and utilisation
  • The importance of focusing on the end-to-end delivery of value

You can also download this interview as a podcast.


Questions for this DevOpsChat

  1. What do you think is meant by Digital Business Transformation?
  2. For which kinds of organisation is Digital Business Transformation relevant and why?
  3. What do you think are the key challenges with Digital Business Transformation?
  4. Do you think DevOps is an enabler for Digital Business transformation and, if so, why?
  5. Can DevOps help to create a Digital Culture and, if so, how does it achieve this?
  6. How would you define “Digital Leadership” and what role does this play in a Digital Business Transformation?

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