DevOpsChat Special Guest: Dustin Kirkland

We are delighted that Dustin Kirkland will be joining us for this DevOpsChat to discuss container orchestration with Kubernetes. You can see the questions for this DevOpsChat at the bottom of this page.

Dustin Kirkland is responsible for Ubuntu’s technical strategy, road map, and life cycle, as a senior member of the Product and Strategy team led by Canonical’s founder, Mark Shuttleworth. Dustin is an active Core Developer of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, creator of numerous open source projects. Formerly the CTO of Gazzang, a venture funded start-up acquired by Cloudera, Dustin designed and implemented a key management system for cloud applications, called zTrustee, and delivered comprehensive security for cloud and big data platforms with eCryptfs and other encryption technologies.

Dustin is speaking about how to choose the right container technologies for different jobs on 22nd February at 1:30pm at the Container World conference in Santa Clara, California. Prior to this, on the 21st February, he will be running a workshop with his colleague Marco Ceppi on how to get started with containers and Kubernetes.

Video Interview

In this video Dustin Kirkland shared with us his views on containers and Kubernetes, including what architectural styles they support, what different container types exist and what they are most suited to, and how Kubernetes can be used for container orchestration.

You can also download this interview as a podcast.

Questions for this DevOpsChat

  1. Where do you think you’ll most likely use containers?
  2. Where would you advise against using containers?
  3. Why are containers not used more frequently in production?
  4. Do you think it’s worth using containers if not adopting a micro-service architecture?
  5. What are the key security considerations when using containers?
  6. How do you talk to clients (or internal stakeholders) about containers?

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