DevOpsChat Special Guest: Johanna Rothman

We are really pleased that Johanna Rothman will be joining us for this DevOpsChat about how organisations can optimise their approach to recruitment to successfully hire people who will enjoy and succeed within a DevOps environment. You can see the questions we will be discussing at the bottom of this page.

Johanna owns and runs Rothman Consulting Group which helps organisations improve the way they deliver projects (including Agile transformation) by providing a wide range of services. She has authored many books including:

Johanna writes an email newsletter, the Pragmatic Manager,  two blogs on, and a personal blog on with its own newsletter.

Video Interview

In this video Johanna Rothman shared with us her views on what companies should look for when recruiting people to work in a DevOps environment. She talks about the value of cross-funtional (vs. functional) teams and why she beleives that managers should try and optimise for flow rather than utilisation. Johanna also provides tips for making yourself more marketable to employers who are looking for DevOps talent.

Questions for this DevOpsChat

  • Q1: How does working in a #DevOps environment place different demands on people compared to more traditional ways of working?
  • Q2: What key characteristic, skill or trait should employers look for when recruiting people into #DevOps teams?
  • Q3: Why do you think being part of an organisation that embraces #DevOps can appeal to people?
  • Q4: Why do you think some people might find it challenging to move to a #DevOps approach to building software?
  • Q5: What can companies do to attract and keep talented people who will thrive in a #DevOps environment?
  • Q6: What advice would you give to people seeking #DevOps roles?

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