DevOpsChat Special Guest: Allan Kelly

Allan Kelly will be joining us for this DevOpsChat as we discuss how we can manage software development, deployment and maintenance to maximise the delivery of value. You can see the questions we will be discussing at the bottom of this page.

Allan is a Software Business Consultant based in London who has a background in software development and now runs his own business which helps organisations to embrace Agile. His focus is on the business side of software development, a topic on which he has presented at numerous events and written several books about including Xanpan: Team Centric Agile Software Development.

Allan is also one of the leading contributors to the #NoProjects movement. You can find out more about Allan and the services he offers on his website:

Video Interview

In this video Allan discusses NoProjects and how applying project thinking to software development can be limiting. He then talks about his thoughts on why it is important to consider the value of functionality that could be developed (including cost of delay and how to estimate value) and how this can influence the way work is estimated and prioritised.

Questions for this DevOpsChat

  • Q1: How do you or your team prioritise work and decide what to work on next?
  • Q2: What are common barriers and challenges to effective prioritisation?
  • Q3: Part of DevOps is a focus on delivery of “business value”. How do you estimate the value of items in your backlog?
  • Q4: What factors influence the value of a specific feature?
  • Q5: How does completing work early or late impact the value delivered to the business?
  • Q6: What would you most like to change about the way work is prioritised and why?

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