DevOpsChat Special Guest: Pawel Brodzinski

Pawel Brodzinski will be joining us for a DevOpsChat about how members of a team caring about the product (“giving a damn”) impacts team performance. It is a wide ranging topic that impacts every aspect of how a business operates from the working environment through to how you contract with clients. You can see the questions we will be discussing at the bottom of this page.

Pawel is the CEO of Lunar Logic, a web and mobile development company based in Kraków, Poland. He is passionate about creating exceptional work environments and continuously improving how people work together. He is a seasoned public speaker and regular blogger at

Video Interview

In this video Pawel Brodzinski shared with us his views on how autonomy increases engagement, what the difference is between authority and autonomy, and why “letting others make decisions is scary” but necessary.

Questions for this DevOpsChat

  • Q1: Do you think it is important that a DevOps team really cares about the product they are building and, if so, why?
  • Q2: What factors do you think have a big influence on how engaged a team is?
  • Q3: In your experience, what can lead to people on a team becoming disengaged with their work?
  • Q4: How much autonomy do you think it is possible (or desirable) to give individuals and teams?
  • Q5: What barriers/challenges to making teams and individuals more autonomous do you think exist?
  • Q6: What practical steps can leaders/managers take to encourage more autonomy within their organisation?

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