DevOpsChat Special Guest: Mike Burrows

We are delighted that Mike Burrows will be joining us for the first DevOpsChat. You can see the questions we will be discussing at the bottom of this page.

Mike is the founder of Agendashift (launched in the summer of 2015), author of the book Kanban from the Inside, creator of the Featureban training game, and a consultant and trainer.

He has been the Executive Director and global development manager for a top-tier investment bank, the interim delivery manager for two UK government digital “exemplar” projects and consultant to public and private sector organisations both at home in the UK and abroad.

He is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide, and has previously chaired the Lean Kanban UK conference. At the 2014 Lean Kanban North America conference he received the Brickell Key Community Contribution Award.

His white paper “6+1 Essential strategies for successful Lean-Agile transformation” is available at

Video Interview

In this video interview Mike shared with us some of his views on how Kanban and DevOps relate to each other.

Questions for this DevOpsChat

  • Q1 Kanban and DevOps: how do you think they relate to each other?
  • Q2 What challenges and barriers to adopting Kanban do teams experience?
  • Q3 Do you use Kanban, Scrum, XP or another method? How did you choose which one to use and can they complement each other?
  • Q4 What do you think are the main benefits of Kanban?
  • Q5 What do you think is the best way to get started with Kanban?
  • Q6 What support do people need to help them adopt Kanban?

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